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Fairland Learning Academy Kidokinetics Sports Enrichment

Fairland Learning Academy

Fairland Learning Academy Kidokinetics Sports Enrichment
Tue, Jul 02, 2024 - Ongoing
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
1-9 yrs old
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Start Date: Tuesday, July 2nd  

Schedule: Twice a month on Tuesdays  
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM  
Cost: $45 per month  
Location: Fairland Learning Academy  

Dive into the exciting world of Kidokinetics SportsPlay at Fairland Learning Academy! Our unique program begins on July 2nd, offering sessions twice a month on Tuesdays from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Designed to engage and inspire children, our activities promote physical health, coordination, and fun through a structured approach to sports play.

SportsPlay Breakdown:
- Variety of Sports: Children explore a range of sports, learning the basics of each through simplified, age-appropriate games that keep them active and engaged.
- Agility and Coordination: Our sessions include agility drills that improve children’s motor skills, enhance their reaction times, and develop their coordination.
- Team Building: Each class incorporates team sports, which help children learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship in a fun, collaborative environment.
- Creative Movement: Integrating elements of dance and rhythmic movement, these activities encourage creativity and help improve physical expression and flexibility.

Kidokinetics SportsPlay at Fairland Learning Academy is more than just a physical education program—it’s a foundation for healthy living and teamwork, packaged in a fun and inviting format. Our program is designed to instill a love for activity and teamwork, ensuring children benefit from every session.

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Classes are held Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Click to view specific dates and times.

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