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PICKLEBALL- 8 week Summer session 2024

Kidokinetics SEF

PICKLEBALL- 8 week Summer session 2024
Thu, Jun 13, 2024 - Thu, Aug 08, 2024
4:15 PM - 5:00 PM
5-10 yrs old
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Special Events
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Our program, as proud members of the US Pickleball Association, is expertly designed to improve hand-eye coordination, foster strategic thinking, and strengthen teamwork abilities in children. Each engaging session delves into pickleball's essential skills such as serving, volleying, and mastering court positioning. Simultaneously, we emphasize physical fitness and agility to enhance overall athletic performance. Our certified coaches create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere, nurturing a passion for the sport and instilling the values of fair play and sportsmanship."

Event Dates

Classes are held Thursday from 4:15 PM to 5:00 PM. Click to view specific dates and times.

Event requires an yearly registration fee of $35.00 (per kid).

Kidokinetics SEF
10428 W State Rd 84 #1
Davie, FL 33324